• Agus Prayitno
  • Robby Kurniawan Budhi


IoT, Smart fish pond, monitoring, controlling


Early warning system the height the river water based on Parameter-based Weather IoT that supports Traditional Farm Industry is a concept that aims to extend the benefits of internet connectivity that is connected with the land farmers traditionally farmed, especially in the area of Sidoarjo that has always depended on the cycles of nature. Issues facing coastal areas as the height of the surface of the soil is equal to or lower than the sea level is rising, that Rob flooding sea water due to the tide is too high. This led to the loss of traditional farm for farmers because of the height of water is the river water that goes into a swath of farmers exceed the limiting height of the pool, while the characteristics of fish cultivated, the milkfish will jump towards the direction of water flow come. These events can result in problems such as loss of fish stocked, milkfish farmed fish loss and even ruined the harvest. One of anticipation made by farmer pond is making a fairly high embankment, but often these ways fail. To that end, this research will do monitoring water levels in the river's lips as a means of early detection of occurrence of floods Rob. The results of the monitoring will be linked to the system controlling the height of the safety net will be installed to surround the pond. The nets will be raised following the results of detection of the height of the water automatically, so that it will provide a barrier for the fish would likely jump out of ponds. While the calculation method to be used is the method of Fuzzy. Expected by the existence of this study, the rate of loss of seed or fish can be reduced significantly.