About the Journal

ICTE (International Conference on Technopreneurship and Education) 2018 is an international conference dedicated to the advancement of education, economic, and techiques both in theory and practice. The conferences also provides a platform for participants to present and discuss the results of the research which contains about innovation, the latest issues in those fields. The main purpose of this conferences is to bring together the academic and practitioners in the world especially Indonesia to share knowledge and experience so as to exchange ideas in developing science in education, economic, and technology.

Topic of interest for papers includes:


Technology, Science, Numerical, Computing, Big data, Autonomous, Online learning, Fuzzy system, Artificial Intelligence, Big data algorithms

Economics Business:

  • Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, Strategic Management, Entrepreneurship, Supply Chain Management, Information Technology


  • Teaching for social awareness, Early childhood education, New pedagogic paradigms, Teacher Education and Career Development, Assessment, Evalution and Policy in Education, Creative Teaching and learning Process, Educational Psychology, Educational Management and Leadership, Character Education, Social Education, Education Literacy, Education Language, Vocational Education and Training (VET), Special and Inclusive Education, Training and Community Development, Non-Formal and Informal Education, Emerging Technology and Learning Environment