• Nurul Kamariyah


Parents, Sexual Education, Mentally retarded Adolescents


Adolescents with mental retardation have normal sexual development like teenagers in general. Lack of information obtained by adolescents with mental retardation will result in ignorance and abnormal or trivial behavior. Another problem faced is the absence of adolescents with mental retardation to tell everything that happened to him, especially sexual problems, which he considered a good taboo for normal teenagers, especially teenagers with mental retardation. This is due to not obtaining information about sexual education from parents. The purpose of this study was to obtain an overview and design of a sexual education training program for parents with children with mental retardation. This research method uses an open questionnaire method andobservation checklist, with research subjects namely parents, especially mothers of adolescents with mental retardation with a moderate category of 86 people. The results showed that as much as 44.9% lacked material and knowledge about sexual education in adolescents, many parents felt embarrassed and considered taboo to teach sexual education to adolescent mentally retarded and lack of understanding and knowledge of parents about sexual education. Thus, the results of the study were followed up by drafting a sexual education training for parents of mentally retarded adolescents.