• Delia Ramadhani
  • Uswatun Khasana
  • Varadibah Zulharoza
  • Ariza Fadilla
  • Alma Shafira


The difficulty of eating in children is still a complaint of parents to their children, especially under-fives. This causes parents to bring their children to the doctor for consultation because children are difficult to eat and many parents also complain that their children are malnourished or the child's weight is down. School children are the main highlight in complaints of appetite in children because they still cannot take and choose their own food. Children are still difficult to be given an understanding of food and are still limited to receiving various types of food provided by their parents. Usually small children like snacks that contain preservatives actually child elementary school of Sidotopo Wetan II. Of course as parents always fret every snack eaten by their children. The aim of feeding children is to meet the nutritional needs and growth and development of children. Therefore, children who are difficult to eat can be given appetite enhancers in this case traditional Indonesian medicine can be given , for example temulawak herbal medicine. Based on these problems, through this paper in the field of entrepreneurship created a health-based food business to help appetite enhancers for children. This food product is named ENTJER (genjer ice cream). Genjer or many people also mention vulnerable ferns (Limnocharis flava). Step of a person or group which aims to show or tell a product or service to prospective buyers (consumers) what products / services we have, and aims to attract potential buyers. Forms of promotions that can be done such as through social media, pamphlets, brochures, the establishment of free product stands and so on. This ENTJER product will initially be marketed to schools, such as school canteens and cooperatives, neighborhoods around schools, and cities in the area around the school withseller as product distributor.