Public Perception Of Smoking Behavior Based On Level Of Education


  • Rani Nur M. B
  • Qoriatul Leila
  • Reina Ulfa Aprilia
  • Nur Azizah A. S
  • Hafid Algristian


perception, smoking, level of education


Basic Health Research (Riset Kesehatan Dasar, RISKESDAS) in 2010 showed that the average cigarette consumption per person (age 15 and above) was 12 rods per day. Those with higher levels of education are less likely to use tobacco. The prevalence of smoking among university graduates is 20.6% compared to 26.3% among those who are not in school. Aims. This research aims to analyze public perception of smoking behaviour according to the level of education and about opinion on how to quit smoking. Methods. Research was analytical-detailed with the design of cross-sectional studies in the community of Majasem, Kendal, Ngawi district using structured interview techniques based on a questionnaire about perception, with accidental sampling method. Result. The prevalence of non-smokers in high-educated respondents was higher (80.77%) than in low-educated. Prevalence of respondents that knows the danger of smoking (78.85%) and want to stop after knowing (80.77%) even higher in high-educated compared to the low-educated. Respondents with high-education still gained an doubtful attitude to stop smoking (13.46%). Conclusion. Education can be a protective factor against smoking behavior, although there are still hesitant behaviors to stop smoking. It is expected to increase the participation of the community with high education to make transfer of knowledge possible to those with low education.


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