Differences In Abnormal Esr Result Using Disposable Westergren Pipettes With Automatic Tools


  • Rita Bonita
  • Gilang Nugraha
  • Anik Handayati


Hemolysis, Hemoglobin, Cyanmethemoglobin


Method this is highly recommended by ICSH (International Council For Standarization in Hematologi) while the new automatic method is used because with excesss faster then the why Westegren can reduce of reduce the rise of infeccius material exposure and speed up the reading process without waiting one hours at this time more used. The study aim knowing determind the difference in the value of ESR using the automatic tool and the westegren disposable pipette. This research is a laboratory experimental research using the design of group comparison statistics, wich compares the results between the experimental groups ( Disposable westegren pipette groups ) and the results of the control group (automatic group). Benefits of the study able to analyze the result on ESR Examination using automatic tools and Westegren disposable pipette. The result of the independent T-Test showed that there was no significant differences ( p-value = 0,318) the ESR check can show the same result even thought using manual or automatic method. The average automatic BSR Examination value is 74,76 mm/hours, while the average value of the BSR Examination result with disposable Westegren pipette is 66,43 mm/hours. It wash concluded that in this study there were no signifikan differences in the Westegren disposable automatic and pipette devices.


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Insan Cendekia Medika




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