Enzymatic deacetylation of chitin for acetaminophen drug carrier administered in male mice (Mus musculus L.) albino swiss webster


  • Millisa Millisa
  • Maharani Pertiwi Koentjoro
  • Endry Nugroho Prasetyo


A Fabrication and formulation of pharmaceutical preparations are currently being developed, this is due to the low effectiveness and bioavailability of the drug. therefore, the usage of drug carriers is a major factor for improving the bioavailability, reducing side effects and reducing drug waste. Chitosan is one of the potential biopolymers as a drug carrier because its cationic character could interact with anionic compounds through crosslinking links. The objective of this study is to create drug microspheres by using chitosan from enzymatic chitin deacetylation product as the drug carrier of acetaminophen in male Mus musculus L. Swiss Webster which will be carried out under in vivo process. Microsphere was fabricated as a yellow-brownish solid, the amount of acetaminophen per mg microsphere 1:1 and 1:2 was 0,007 mg and 0,0125 mg. Encapsulation efficiency was 0,7% and 1,25%. Acetaminophen percentage in the urine with control (0,5%), Microsphere 1:1 (6,4%) and microsphere 1:2 (19%), respectively.


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