The Difference of Hemoglobin Examination Results in Normal and Hemolysis Samples Using Cyanmethemoglobin Methods


  • Intan Dwi Anggraeni
  • Wieke Sri Wulan
  • Gilang Nugraha


Hemolysis, Hemoglobin, Cyanmethemoglobin


Hemoglobin examination is one of the most routine blood tests performed by each laboratory. Blood lysis is mostly caused by the breakdown of diplomatic blood cells. Erythrocyte lysis conditions silenced 15 minutes also can provide an effect on the cell membrane fragility. This study aims to analyze differences in hemoglobin examination results in normal samples and hemolysis using the Cyanmethemoglobin method. This type of research is an experiment. The study population was students and female students of Nahdlatul Ulama University in Surabaya with a sample size of 30 people taken by purposive sampling. Data retrieval is done through the provision of questionnaires and blood tests then analyzed using the One Way ANOVA test, α=0.05. The results showed that of the 30 D-IV Students of Medical Laboratory Technology had an average value of Hb in normal erythrocytes as a control ie 13.1 g/dl, the average Hb level with treatment of lysis erythrocytes without incubation was 13.8 g/dl, the average Hb level with the treatment of lysis erythrocytes with 15 minutes incubation is 12.8 g/dl and the average hemolysis is 1.2%. The results of the analysis through the One Way ANOVA test show that ρ=0.097 which means ρ>α, so that H0 is accepted. So it can be concluded that there is no difference in the results of hemoglobin examination between normal samples and hemolysis in the blood to the routine examination used.


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