Identification And Characterisation Of Bioactivpeptides Of Fermented Goat Milk As A Sources Of Natural Product For Medicine


  • Mahdi C
  • Untari H
  • Padaga M
  • Erika M, PH


Food functional, bioactive peptides, fermented goat milk, anti-hypercholesterol


The increasing of functional food is risingin line with public awareness for healthy food consumption. Provision of functional food source is developed through enhanced bioactive that has a regulatory function for body. Bioactivepeptides in milk is known have variety of beneficial function of the body such as immunomodulator, immunostimulatory, anti-hypertension, anti-hypercholesterol, as well as a variety of other beneficial function. The aim of this study is to obtain a fermentation method to product functional dairy product contain bioactive peptides and beneficial of fermented goat milk. The result of this study showed that goat milk fermented using 3 % commercial starter able to produce the best yoghurt than using local yoghurt starter. Analysis of protein content showed that the fermentation processing increased the amount of protein in goat milk sample. Using SDS- PAGE showed that the breakdown of protein into fraction of fermented milk greater than unfermented goat milk. The result of fractional protein was analyzed by LC Ms/MS and showed that there were three kind bioactive sequences of bioactive peptides. Each of which consist of 16 amino acids that are safely protected from gastrointestinal animal model feddietary treatment of hypercholesterolemia.


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