Home Remedial Measures For Common Childhood Diseases Among Mothers In Bantay, Ilocos Sur


  • Marciana P. De Vera
  • Ed .D
  • R N
  • Bernardo Oliber A. Arde
  • Aprille Gem P. De Vera


Home remedial, childhood diseases, linear correlation analysis


This study aimed to determine the extent of home remedial measures for common childhood diseases among mothers in Calendar Year 2016. It further looked into the relationship between the extent of home remedial measures and the socio-demographic profile of the respondents. The descriptive - correlational method of research which made use of a questionnaire-checklist gathered the needed data. The questionnaire-checklist was based from the study of Segundo (2012). The respondents of the study were 124 mothers from the different barangays of Bantay. The statistical tools used to treat and interpret the data gathered were frequency and percentage, mean, and simple linear correlation analysis. Based on the findings of this study, the following conclusions were drawn: 1) a great percentage of the mothers belong to the age bracket of 26 and 30 and high school graduates high school graduates; most of them are married and non-professionals; and majority have a family monthly income of 5,000 and below; 2) the extent of home remedial measures of the respondents for common childhood diseases “Fair” and 3) civil Status, Occupation, and Family Month Income affects the extent of home remedial measures for common childhood diseases. The following recommenddations are hereby forwarded: 1) mothers should be educated by the community health workers with the treatment that has scientific basis and aware of home remedies which are applicable, approved and tested; 2) demonstration/video presentation on proper preparation and utilization of home remedies and on what home remedies are appropriate in each childhood illnesses; 3) Health education on the new updates on the use of home remedies for the treatment and management of common childhood illnesses by the RHU personnel; and 4) Department of Health should work hand in hand with their local counterparts in order to provide significant programs in aiding mother to properly address their children‟s diseases.


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